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Kidz Health provides personalized care that is accessible, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive. We aim to achieve optimal health for our patients by providing outstanding medical care through integrity, respect and compassion.

Care Philosophy

Our Practice prides itself in providing highest quality health care in a timely manner. We strive to educate you, so as to empower you in medical decision making and being YOUR partner in health.



Childhood Nutrition, Childhood Behavioral Problems, Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Our Business

We have been bringing the best in child heath care to Illinois for nearly thirty years.  We take pride in providing compassionate and excellent medical care for your children.  Our goal is to provide the best care that we can. 


Due to the nature of Pediatrics, and also because we try to be thorough when we see children (who may take time to communicate), the whole office visit and procedures and shots usually take 60-90 minutes on average.  With that in mind, parents should anticipate that a visit will take that long and plan for it. 


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Culturally Sensitive

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